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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A word about TECAD

TECAD has been around for a month now, so it's a good time to pause and say thanks.

A big thank you goes to ECUSA Departures, a now out of date site that was a launching point for this site. I took that list and then added to it by going carefully through other sites such as T19 and other Anglican sites of all stripes.

I am interested in what has happened since General Convention 2003 (GC03), and as time permits I am going through the site and adding or removing churches where appropriate so that we will have a list of all the Episcopal Churches (TEC) that have either split to form a new congregation not affiliated with TEC, or have departed entirely from TEC since 2003.

I appreciate the help of visitors, especially "Martin4", who provide information. I invite your participation by leaving me a comment, or sending an email to let me know of any church that either does or doesn't belong on these lists.



Anonymous said...

Resurrection Anglican in the north Baltimore suburbs, a parish of the Diocese of Chile in the Southern Cone, was formed from former members of St. John's Church, Western Run Parish, Glyndon, MD.

Donna Gough said...

Update on "St. Matthews Anglican" in Westerville, Ohio. We have left our property behind, and about 410 of us purchased a former Assembly of God bulding in Lewis Center. We have changed our name to St. Andrews Anglican Church, are affiliated with CANA, and you can see what we are up to at! We are growing and reaching out! More information if you desire.

Anonymous said...

In Ohio, St. Matthews Anglican is now St. Andrews Anglican and located in Lewis Center,and doing SUPER FINE! Some of the other former Diocese of Ohio parishes, including St. Luke's Akron, etc. are now in CANA.

Aaron Conner said...

St Andrews in Taft, Ca left the Southern Cone and recommited to the Episcopal Church
Grace Episcopal Mission in Bakersfield started as a result of the San Joaquin departure.